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Our Mission

Our mission - to contribute to the preservation, protection and improvement of the environment and human health, for sustainable use of natural resources by providing comprehensive services for the recycling of e-wastes… [Continuation]

About Us

What to do with electronic equipment when it's out of date or can't be more repaired?

Technological progress, which is experiencing by society, where electrical equipment is no longer a luxury but a necessity, and its acquisition, is becoming more affordable and necessary, it begs the question: what to do with all this equipment when it reaches “the end of the life cycle”? Throwing in the trash, and then it goes to the city dump. It sounds simple, but the electrical equipment are non-biodegradable wastes, and in addition contain harmful substances (lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, etc.) that pollute the air, water, soil and then we, who previously throwed this electrical equipment in the trash, feel these effects. We, our children, society around us.

The good news is that there is solution to avoid this problem. That's why the social project e-Recycling has born, which aims to manage e-waste in an environmental good way. We collect, store, treat and recycle all e-waste for the entire society to enjoy a cleaner environment, for our children to grow up in a cleaner environment, for all of us to enjoy a cleaner environment.

We urge you to be part of the initiative:

  • - do not throw away your electronic equipment but send it to recycling;
  • - tell family, friends and colleagues about the benefits of recycling;



How can you get rid of electrical wastes?

Through recycling events

By calling on
0(22) 81 14 14

Sending a request for recycling
* only for legal entities

What type e-waste we recycle?

All type of household appliances / it & telecom

  • Washing Machine
  • Stove
  • Freezer
  • TV
  • Personal Computer
  • Notebook
  • Microwave Oven
  • Vacuum Cleaner

Consumer electronics

  • Radio
  • Record Player
  • Hairdryer
  • Camera
  • Mobile Phone
  • Printer
  • Kettle
  • Mixer
  • Ventilator

Why do we recycle e-wastes?

Electrical wastes accounts for 5-6% of the total volume of wastes. Since the waste is not accepted to be kept in the house and old or broken electrical equipment must not be stored in the house but should be recycled. It should be collected and properly recycled without causing harm to the environment because of their toxic composition and also because of the reuse of natural resources it contains.

First of all, the equipment may have in their composition elements harmful to the environment and human health, heavy metals or dangerous gases, elements witch released into the air, water or soil are harmful in the long term, on our food, water we drink or the air we breathe.

Also, the majority of electronic equipment are made up of components that contain materials that can be recovered and returned to the industry as secondary raw materials, to prevent irrational exploitation of primary resources, of course this is achievable, only through high leverage obtained with advanced recycling technologies.

Thus, what follows from our waste is no longer a danger when are properly recycled, and this means that each of us contributes to circular economy by returning resources it needs to progress, notwithstanding raw material resources are continuously decreasing and their extraction is less affordable.

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